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Explorer for NFT collection

Building an explorer with a full picture of an NFT collection - including off-chain data!

🏎 "I want the most perfomant media loading experience"

Gomu is the best way to retrieve NFT media from blockchain networks, with our CDN caching images and videos for best-in-class retrieval speeds. You can also load media from original sources, but they're often hosted on IPFS or third-party domains with slower, unreliable retrieval. With Gomu, your users will have the best possible experience loading and experiencing NFT media.

🗣 "I want to include all the social media data for a particular collection"

The Gomu API returns all of the most useful off-chain data that you care about. The NFT object includes Discord, Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter links and handles (discordUrl, telegramUrl, instagramUsername, twitterUsername). It references other marketplaces for a full context (e.g. for Opensea, their text slug identifier and payoutAddress)

🧲 "Some NFTs have metadata that changes dynamically through time. I need to have the confidence that the metadata I am serving is the most updated out there"

Gomu's proprietary NFT metadata update algorithms ensure that our metadata is the most updated out of any provider out there. Present our metadata to your users with the confidence of its liveness! If you spot any liveness issues, please report them and we will review each case ASAP.

☝️ "I want to create my own filters and explorer experiences within a collection"

Our Gomu Overview endpoint is a contract-level call that returns summary statistics (such as the profile of metadata existing in a collection, their relative frequencies). You can use this to create your own filters and explorer experiences.

🔦 "I want to create search experiences across and within collections"

Coming soon: Search within and through different NFT collections.