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Collection Orders

Provide us with a contract address to receive all collection orders for this contract address. Trait filtered collection offers coming soon

Query Parameters
  • contractAddress string required

    contractAddress/ENS address to query

  • limit integer

    number of items to return, maximum 30, default 30.

  • offset number

    Offset for pagination purposes.

  • reverseSortCriteria boolean

    If true, we will return asks sorted by highest ask and bids sorted by lowest bid. Defaults to false

  • marketplaces string[]

    marketplaces to filter for. Can be multiple marketplaces, comma separated, non-case-sensitive. If this field is defined but empty, an empty result will be returned


  • bids object[] required

    The active collection offers for any tokens of this contract address in descending order of value

    • tokenId string required

      The token id for which this offer was made

    • paymentToken string required

      The contract address of the currency for this order

    • paymentTokenSymbol string required

      The human readable currency for this order

    • price number required

      The unit price for this order

    • basePrice string required

      The unit price for this order

    • expiryDate date-time

      The expiration date of this offer

    • marketplace string required

      The marketplace these orders were from

    • quantity number required

      The quantity of tokens for this order

    • orderType string required

      The type of this order. Could be one of: "basic": A buy/sell now order, "dutch": A descending price auction, "sudoswap pool": A pool in sudoswap where the price will change upon buying from/selling to this pool