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Transfers between Wallet

Provide us with two wallet addresses/ENS addresses and we will return all the NFT transfers that have taken place between those two wallets. Note: The order of the addresses supplied does not impact the response from the API.

Query Parameters
  • address1 string required

    wallet address/ENS address

  • address2 string required

    wallet address/ENS address

  • chain string

    filter for a particular chain

  • market string

    filter by a particular market e.g. 'opensea'

  • cursor string

    cursor for pagination purposes

  • limit integer

    number of items to return, maximum 30, default 30.


  • data object[] required

    list of Transfers

    • contractAddress string

      contract address of an NFT contract deployed e.g. 0xbc4ca0eda7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

    • tokenId string required

      tokenId of a specific NFT

    • chain string required

      identifier of chain indexed. e.g. 'ethereum' for mainnet

    • blockNumber integer required

      blockNumber of the transfer

    • transactionHash string required

      transactionHash of the transfer

    • fromAddress string

      previous owner address of the NFT in this transaction

    • toAddress string

      current owner address of the NFT in this transaction

    • value string

      native-token value of the transaction if any (e.g. on mainnet, Ethereum, denoted in wei). in the case of a batch transfer, they will share the same value

    • nftValue object

      inferred value for transferred NFT in token amount

      • tokenAddress string required
      • tokenName string
      • amount string required
    • swaps object[] required

      A P2P transaction or we are not able to infer the NFT value

      • contractAddress string required
      • tokenId string
      • fromAddress string required
      • toAddress string required
      • amount string required
      • market string
    • usdValue number

      USD value from inferred NFT value

    • ethValue number

      ETH value from inferred NFT value

    • isCommercial boolean

      whether the transfer happens on commercial markets

    • amount string required

      amount of the token. Relevant for ERC1155 which may have a non-1 amount of tokens

    • timestamp integer required

      unix timestamp in seconds

    • markets string[] required

      classified markets for the transaction (e.g. opensea if it interacts with opensea)

    • native
    • transferType string

      transferType: can be [mint, transfer, sale, swap, burn]

    • imageCacheUrl string

      imageUrl of the token

  • nextCursor string

    pass into cursor variable to return next-page of responses, if any