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Timeseries data for floor price

Provide us with a contract address/ENS address and receive timeseries data for floor price.

Query Parameters
  • contractAddress string required

    contractAddress/ENS address to query

  • beginTime number required

    The unix timestamp in seconds to begin viewing timeseries data from. Timeseries data will only be returned starting from when relevant data exists

  • endTime number

    The unix timestamp in seconds to receive timeseries data up to. Defaults to present

  • granularity string required

    The amount of time between each snapshot. Must be one of 'y', 'm', 'w', 'd', 'h'


  • headers string[] required

    The headers of the columns in data

  • data string[] required

    A list of [paymentTokenSymbol, price, usdValue, timestamp] pairs, where timestamp is the ISO string of the date