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NFT Metadata Refresh Rate

Our NFT metadata is refreshed using a suite of automated heuristics:

  1. Event-driven - refreshed through significant on-chain events (e.g. transfer events for ERC721 and ERC1155 (EVM), as well as any change in URL)
  2. Dynamic flagging - we identify when a collection's metadata changes over time, and queue up appropriate refreshes
  3. Intelligent prioritization of top contracts to ensure they are always refreshed periodically
  4. Comparison with other providers to surface differences
  5. Sampling-driven checks on randomized collections
  6. Additionally, users are able to flag when they find that any NFT (identified by contractAddress, tokenId) object is stale here at the stale-nft API. This helps us keep the finger on the pulse and make sure we're always providing the most up-to-date data.