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Transfers by Token

Provide us with a Token ID and we will return all known transfers related to that token.

Query Parameters
  • contractAddress string required

    contract the NFT was deployed to. case insensitive

    Example (bayc):
    Example (cryptoPunks):
  • tokenId string

    tokenId of the NFT (mint of the NFT for solana)

  • chain string

    filter for a particular chain

  • cursor string

    cursor for pagination purposes

  • limit integer

    number of items to return, maximum 30, default 30.

  • sortBy string

    sort order: [<blank>|lowestAsk|highestAsk|tokenId[-asc|-desc]|rarity]. blank is most recent transaction first, lowestAsk is lowest ask first, highestAsk is ascending order of the highest ask by token. tokenId[-asc|-desc] is by tokenId ascending or descending. rarity is by rarity descending. If sortBy is either lowestAsk or highestAsk, pagination is only supported up to 10,000 items. Items with no asks will be sorted behind all items with asks


  • data object[] required

    list of Transfers

    • contractAddress string

      contract address of an NFT contract deployed e.g. 0xbc4ca0eda7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

    • tokenId string required

      tokenId of a specific NFT

    • chain string required

      identifier of chain indexed. e.g. 'ethereum' for mainnet

    • blockNumber integer required

      blockNumber of the transfer

    • transactionHash string required

      transactionHash of the transfer

    • fromAddress string

      previous owner address of the NFT in this transaction

    • toAddress string

      current owner address of the NFT in this transaction

    • value string

      native-token value of the transaction if any (e.g. on mainnet, Ethereum, denoted in wei). in the case of a batch transfer, they will share the same value

    • nftValue object

      inferred value for transferred NFT in token amount

      • tokenAddress string required
      • tokenName string
      • amount string required
    • swaps object[] required

      A P2P transaction or we are not able to infer the NFT value

      • contractAddress string required
      • tokenId string
      • fromAddress string required
      • toAddress string required
      • amount string required
      • market string
    • usdValue number

      USD value from inferred NFT value

    • ethValue number

      ETH value from inferred NFT value

    • isCommercial boolean

      whether the transfer happens on commercial markets

    • amount string required

      amount of the token. Relevant for ERC1155 which may have a non-1 amount of tokens

    • timestamp integer required

      unix timestamp in seconds

    • markets string[] required

      classified markets for the transaction (e.g. opensea if it interacts with opensea)

    • native
    • transferType string

      transferType: can be [mint, transfer, sale, swap, burn]

    • imageCacheUrl string

      imageUrl of the token

  • nextCursor string

    pass into cursor variable to return next-page of responses, if any