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NFT Summary by Wallet

Provide us with a wallet address/ENS address and receive summarized information related to that wallet such as the number of tokens in a collection that the wallet owns. This is especially useful for summarized views especially when the wallet holds a large number of NFTs.

Query Parameters
  • address string required

    account address/ENS address

    Example (jordanBelfort):
    Example (mikeShinoda):
    Example (vincentVanDough):
  • contractAddress string

    contractAddress to filter for

    Example (bayc):
    Example (cryptoPunks):
  • chain string

    filter for a particular chain


  • data object[] required

    A list of NFT summaries

    • contractAddress string required

      contract the NFT was deployed to. case insensitive

    • tokens string[] required

      list of tokens that the owner owns

    • chain string required

      the blockchain it is deployed to

    • contractType string required

      what type of NFT it is; e.g. ERC721 or ERC1155

    • contractName string

      Name of the contract

    • contractSymbol string

      Symbol of the contract